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155mm Nomex Pleated Filter Bags , 150mm Dust Collector Bag

155mm Nomex Pleated Filter Bags , 150mm Dust Collector Bag

155mm Pleated Filter Bags

Nomex Pleated Filter Bags

150mm Dust Collector Bag

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Product Details
Polyester; PPS; Acrylic; Aramid; Nomex; P84; PTFE
150mm; 155mm
Number Of Pleats:
8 & 12
Bead Cuff; Seal Cuff
Metal Hoop:
SUS 304
Double Layer
Application Industry:
Steel, Power, Waste Incineration Flue Gas Filtration
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
50 Pieces
Packaging Details
Polybag & Paper box
Delivery Time
10-15 Work Days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
50000 Pieces per Month
Product Description

Star Filter Bags Pleat Dust Collect Bag Extend Filter Area PE Acrylic PPS P84 Aramid PTFE Star Cage Bag


155mm Nomex Pleated Filter Bags , 150mm Dust Collector Bag 0


1. specification


Star filter bags (Star bags) is a special design to extend the filter surface. The Star bags are designed and developed to be integrated into existing system and process without requiring costly and major equipment changes. It is also for new bag house with high level and strict emission requirement.The pleats are gathered at the top snap band so the StarBag can fit in the same cell plate hole as a standard bag of the same diameter thereby meaningfully reducing the air to cloth ratio. Providing a wide range of star filter bags for bag house collector, which improve the performance, efficiency and bottom line of the bag house dust collector and flue.
Capacity: 300 per day (star filter bag only, ordinary dust bag excludes)
Optional fabric: PE (Polyester), PP (Polypropylene), PA (Nylon), Aramid(Nomex), Acrylic, Fiberglass, PPS, PTFE, P84, etc
Finish Treatment: Singeing, Calendering, Heat Setting, Anti-static, Water&Oil Repellent, PTFE Membrane, PTFE Impregnation and so on special treatment can be chosen

Star Bag Style: 8 and 10 and 12 pleats star bags

Bag Size: star dust bag diameters are 120mm, 130mm, 150mm, 155mm, 160mm and customized
Bag Head: seal cuff / groove snap / felt strip, bead cuff/ steel strip, etc can be chosen
Bag Body: Sewing or Hot sealing
Bag Bottom: Single or double bottom, with reinforcement or without reinforcement



2. advantage

The Star filter bags extend the filter surface, the increaing filter area compared to ordinary round ones is below,

Filter area increasing (%)

filter surface Dianmter mm Bag Length
1m 2m 3m 4m 5m 6m
8 pleats 120 38.64 55.97 61.75 64.64 66.37 67.52
130 42.09 59.85 65.77 68.73 70.50 71.69
150 54.06 73.31 79.73 82.94 84.87 86.15
160 73.57 95.26 102.49 106.11 108.28 109.73
12 pleats 120 70.91 92.28 99.40 102.96 105.10 106.52
130 74.82 96.67 103.95 107.59 109.78 111.24
150 72.23 93.76 100.93 104.52 106.68 108.11


► Significantly increase the air volume of existing dust collectors to increase production capacity

The use of pleated bags to retrofit existing precipitators eliminates the need to retrofit precipitator bodies and replaces existing bags and keels directly, increasing system filtration area by 50-150%, which is the best improvement program for improving the production efficiency and capacity of dedusting systems.

► Greatly improve the collection efficiency of dust collectors, especially PM2.5 and PM10 ultrafine dust

The use of wrinkled bag instead of ordinary round or oval bag can greatly increase the system filter area, can directly reduce the air-cloth ratio, significantly reduce the system pressure and pulse frequency, thereby significantly reducing the system’s dust emissions, especially ultra-fine dust emissions .

► Significantly reduce system operation energy consumption and maintenance costs

The use of wrinkled bag instead of ordinary round or oval bag, the pressure drop of the system is greatly reduced, the energy consumption of the fan is greatly reduced; the injection frequency is significantly reduced, and thus the compressed air usage is significantly reduced, and the loss of the injection system components is also greatly reduced.

► Extend the life of the bag

The use of pleated bags instead of ordinary round or oval bags, the unique combination of filter bags and keel completely avoids the fatigue damage to the filter bags caused by the ordinary keel transverse support rings. Combined with the lower running pressure and blowing frequency, the bag fatigue damage is greatly reduced life expectancy is greatly extended.

► Using a new dust collector to significantly reduce the volume of the dust collector housing

The new dust collector uses a fold bag instead of an ordinary round or oval cloth bag. Under the same air-batch ratio, the dust collector box and pulse injection system can be greatly reduced, and the initial equipment investment of the injection system can be reduced while ensuring or improving the system efficiency.


3. How to choose star filter bags

Main features of the performance of star bags

  Polypropylene Polyester Homopolymer Acrylic PPS Aramid P84 PTFE Fiberglass
Continuous Dry Heat Operation 94℃ 135℃ 135℃ 190℃ 204℃ 240℃ 260℃ 260℃
Continuous Moist Heat Operation 94℃ 94℃ 125℃ 190℃ 177℃ 195℃ 260℃ 260℃
Max Short Term Dry Heat 107℃ 150℃ 150℃ 232℃ 240℃ 260℃ 290℃ 4 290℃
Specific Density 0.9 1.38 1.17 1.38 1.38 1.41 2.3 2.54
Moisture Regain (20℃ and 65% r.humidity) 0.10% 0.40% 1% 0.60% 4.50% 3% 0% 0%
Supports Combustion yes yes yes no no no no no
Resistance Biological (mildew, bacteria) excellent not effect very good not effect not effect not effect not effect not effect
Alkalis excellent fair fair excellent good fair excellent fair
Mineral Acids excellent fair very good excellent fair very good 3 excellent very good
Organic Acids excellent fair excellent excellent fair very good 3 excellent very good
Oxidising Agents good 1 good good fair 2 poor very good excellent excellent
Organic Solvents excellent good very good excellent very good excellent excellent very good

1)Polypropylene is attacked by UV light, and will dimensionally deform under unsupported load over 82℃

2)PPS is attacked by strong oxidising agents (O2, NOx, Br2) – the presence of which, lower its recommended operating temperature

3)P84 is attacked by Sox in power station applications

4)PTFE will elongate under load at elevated temperature


4. Applications of the star filter bag in the bag house

PTFE: Cement factory, Iron & Steel factory, Power Plant factory, Waste Incineration factory.

P84: Cement factory, Iron & Steel factory.

PPS: Cement factory, Power Plant factory.

Aramid: Cement factory, Iron & Steel factory, Power Plant factory, Asphalt factory, Lime factory.

Fiberglass: Cement factory, Iron & Steel factory.

FMS: Cement factory, Iron & Steel factory, Power Plant factory.

Acrylic: Cement plants, Asphalt plants, Lime.

155mm Nomex Pleated Filter Bags , 150mm Dust Collector Bag 1

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