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Welcome to visit our Huading Group!


Our Huading Group is a professional filter material manufacturer in Zhejiang, China.


 Huading Net Industry factory production line 0 Huading Net Industry factory production line 1



Our Huading Group mainly produces various non-woven needle felts, dust filter bags, liquid filter bags, woven filter cloths, filter press belts, paper cloths, polyester mesh belts, stainless steel mesh, etc. After several years of development and hard work, our quality has reached international standards.


Our quality control standards and commitment to providing customers with quality products impact our continued use, and decisions to manufacture filter bag products are based on independently verified and tested media and product designs.



Huading Net Industry factory production line 0 Huading Net Industry factory production line 1



After the selection of filter bag material and determine the specifications of the filter bag, we will process the filter bag as following attention matters:

  1. Precise design required size of the filter cloth for filter bag parts, the filter cloth will larger than the actual amount design size, to leave a spare for weaving.
  2. To choose the right filter bag accessories, specifications and check its quality. The filter bag accessories should match the filter bag quality requirements.
  3. We make the filter bag line drawing, cutting, sewing on automatic production line. When the filter bag need manual processing, we will open it on the operation platform, and with certain pulling force to keep it is flat.
  4. We keep the strict processing quality standards, according to design drawings and operation process. Our worker meet the requirements of tooling and clothing shoes and hats, no smoking.
  5. We have the responsible for the processing of products, and examines, waste, residue, defective goods in the beginning.

HUADING has been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of nonwoven fiber mesh curtains for 22 years.

The company has been deeply involved in the field of filter materials for more than 20 years. Since the patent application, it has obtained 13 invention patents and 57 utility model patents.


Huading Net Industry factory production line 0 Huading Net Industry factory production line 1


HUADING has national environmental design qualifications and foreign contracted project qualification certificates, as well as a number of standard certifications.

The company drafted and implemented the group standard "Technical Requirements for Filter Bags for Ultra-Low Emission of Industrial Smoke", and as the chief editor compiled the power industry standards "Technical Specifications for Hazardous Waste Incineration Flue Gas Purification Systems" and "Biomass Power Plant Flue Gas Purification Engineering Technology" Specification", participated in the drafting of the national standard "Nonwoven Porosity Test Method" and the industry standard "FZT 64085-2021 Fiber Mesh Curtain for Nonwovens", establishing its leading position in the industry.

Possess general contracting capabilities for municipal solid waste incineration flue gas treatment system contracting business, environmental protection, mechatronics, and new technologies.


Huading Net Industry factory production line 2 Huading Net Industry factory production line 3

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