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Fibreglass Needle Felt Industrial Filter Cloth PTFE 220cm High Performance Oil Repellent

Fibreglass Needle Felt Industrial Filter Cloth PTFE 220cm High Performance Oil Repellent

Industrial Filter Cloth 220cm

Industrial Filter Cloth PTFE

Fibreglass Needle Felt Filter Cloth

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Product Details
PE; PP; PPS; Nomex; Acrylic; PTFE; P84; Fiberglass
400gsm - 800gsm
Max 220cm
Finish Treatment:
Heat Setting; Singeing; Calendering; Water&Oil Repellent; PTFE Membrane
Working Temperature:
Max 280℃
Filter Type:
Pulse Jet; Reverse
Application Industry:
Cement Plant; Steel Plant; Power Plant; Waste Incineration; Asphalt Mixing Plant
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
100 Square meter
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
10-15 Work Days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
200000 Square meter per Month
Product Description

High Performance Industrial Filter Cloth Fibreglass Oil Water Repellent Filter Cloth Needle Felt

Fibreglass Needle Felt Industrial Filter Cloth PTFE 220cm High Performance Oil Repellent 0

What is Nonwoven Needle Felt Filter Fabrics?


Needle felt is a kind of non-woven filter fabric specially used for dust collector filter bags. It is a major filter material for industrial air filtration and dust removal. The needle felt is made of randomly arranged fibers needle punched on the scrim fabric, after that the fibers are close-knitted to form a tortuous three-dimensional stereo-structure, which is different from the traditional woven filter cloth composed of warp and weft yarns. It makes dust particles adhere to the surface of the filter material and form an initial layer of dust ( Filter cake), with the remarkable characteristics of small pore size, high filtration efficiency and low air resistance, greater air permeability and excellent dust particle capture.
Needle felt for dust collector filter bags

What is needle felt filter fabrics features and advantages?


The irregular fibers in the needle felt filter fabrics are arranged in three dimensions, which could give full play to the dust capture capacity
This structure easy to form the dust filter cake layer in the initial of filtration production, and is no straight pore after dedust. It makes the air filter bags has a high and stable dust collection efficiency.
The statical dust capture rate of needle felt filter cloth could up to 99.5% ~ 99.99%
The porosity of needle filter felt is as high as 70% ~ 80%, which is 1.6 ~ 2.0 times of woven filter fabrics, it gets larger air permeability and lower air resistance


Main Characteristics of a Non-woven Needle Filter Felt:


Physical characteristics
Weight, the most rudimental and important data of a needle felt,also is an important factor affecting the price of the filter fabrics
Thickness, too thick will lower the fabric strength and filtration efficiency, meanwhile too thin will lower the wear resistance and increase air resistance
Air permeability, the crucial parameter of a filter fabric
Tensile strength, an important parameter to determine the quality of a needle felt filter fabric
Breaking strength, indicate the robustness of a needle felt filter cloth
Wear resistance, include planar wear, flexual wear and crease wear, it depends on material property, fiber shape and fabric structure


Chemical characteristics
Temperature resistance, include continuous working temperature and surge temperature, one of the most important parameter to choose the suitable needle felt for the dust collector bags
Abrasion resistance,

Dust removal characteristics

1.Resistance coefficient of clean filter material
2.Statical dust removal rate
3.Dynamic dust removal rate
4.Dynamic air resistance
5.Drag coefficient
6.Dedusting rate


Specific characteristics
Water & Oil resistance


Production process

Fibreglass Needle Felt Industrial Filter Cloth PTFE 220cm High Performance Oil Repellent 1


After Treatment


1.Heat setting, the heat setting of needle felt is to eliminate the stress in the fabric to obtain a stable dimension and smooth surface, which are important to the reliability and service lifetime of the air filter bags.

2.Sing, burn off the floating fibers on the surface of the needle felt filter material to make the surface smoother and easy to dust removal.

3.Calendar, hot calendering makes the surface of the needle felt filter cloth smoother, with uniform thickness and air permeability. Although the initial resistance will be slightly bigger, it remains the particles on the surface, the dust does not easily enter the deep layer and is easier to dedust. This helps to reduce the air resistance of the bag housing dust collector, and increase filtration efficiency and service life of the filter bags.
Coating, including water & oil resistance coating and PTFE coating treatment, It avoids agglomeration on the surface of the filter fabrics when there is condensation in the bag filter housing.

4.PTFE treatment, including PTFE dipping and PTFE membrane
PTFE impregnation(dipping) treatment reduces the fabric pore size, improves the filtration efficiency, moreover, enhance the heat resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and abrasion resistance properties of the needle felt filter fabrics.

5.PTFE membrane is an ideal solution to control the pollution PM2.5


Avaliable Needle felt for your option


Polyester needle felt  /  P84 needle felt


PPS (Ryton) needle felt  /  Fiber glass needle felt


Metamax (Nomex) needle felt  /  Polypropylene (PP) needle felt


Acrylic needle felt  /  PPS+PTFE felt


PTFE needle felt  /  Aramide + PTFE felt


Fibreglass Needle Felt Industrial Filter Cloth PTFE 220cm High Performance Oil Repellent 2






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