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550GSM PPS Needle Punched Felt Bag For Dust Collection High Temperature Resistant

550GSM PPS Needle Punched Felt Bag For Dust Collection High Temperature Resistant

Dust Collection PPS Bags

PPS Needle Punched Felt Bag

PPS Filter Bags 550GSM

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Product Details
PPS Fiber/PPS Base Cloth
Custom Processing:
Gram Weight:
Air Permeability:
Breaking Strength (Radial):
Breaking Strength (latitude):
Continuous Dry Heat Service Temperature:
Continuous Damp Heat Service Temperature:
Instantaneous Use Temperature:
Singeing, Calendering, PTFE Impregnation Or Water And Oil Repellent Treatment
Scope Of Application:
Thermal Power, Waste Incineration, Coal-fired Boilers And Other Flue Gas Filtration With Relatively High Sulfur Content
Product Usage:
Dust Removal, Folding Resistance, Acid And Alkali Resistance, High Oxidation Resistance
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
50 pieces
Packaging Details
Customer request,Waterproof woven bag, Carton
Delivery Time
7-12 Work Days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
200000 pieces per month
Product Description

Performance and application of high temperature resistant 550GSM PPS needle punched felt bag for dust collection

550GSM PPS Needle Punched Felt Bag For Dust Collection High Temperature Resistant 0


PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) fiber has excellent heat resistance, smoldering resistance, corrosion resistance and mechanical strength similar to Nomex fiber, so it is suitable for processing into high-performance fiber filter bags.


Physical properties of PPS fiber:
Due to high crystallinity, good mechanical properties and stable size, the textile processing performance of PPS fiber is similar to that of most conventional textile fibers, which can fully meet the requirements of industrial cloth bags and become one of the popular filter bags.


Chemical stability of PPS fiber:
PPS fiber has good chemical stability and can maintain its original performance under extremely harsh conditions. At high temperature, the chemical stability of PPS fiber is second only to tetranitroethylene fiber, and the fiber will degrade only under the action of high temperature and strong oxidant, so PPS fiber is suitable for filtration of many strong corrosive chemical media.


Temperature characteristics of PPS fiber:
PPS fiber has excellent thermal stability and excellent heat resistance, and is more stable during use. The melting point reaches 285C, which is higher than other melt-spun fibers currently produced in industry.


PPS filter bag application scenarios:

1. Thermal power generation flue gas dedusting:
PPS fiber is mainly used in the filter cloth of industrial combustion boiler bag filter room. The waste heat flue gas discharged from industrial furnaces contains a variety of corrosive chemicals, and the PPS needle-punched filter bag can be used continuously for three years in a humid and acidic environment below 190 degrees Celsius.


2. Gas dust collector and dust removal in steel industry:
The steel industry is also one of the main sources of air pollution, and the use of PPS filter bags is huge.


3. Gas dust collector and dust removal in cement industry:
PPS bag filter is more and more used in the new dry process cement production line in the cement industry.


4. PPS filter bags are also widely used for chemical filtration:
PPS filter bags can also be used for filtering chemicals with strong corrosiveness and high dissolution temperature, such as various organic and inorganic acids, various phenols, various strong acids, etc. Polar solvents.



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