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Customizable Cloth Filter Bag For Ceramic 3.0mm Thickness

Customizable Cloth Filter Bag For Ceramic 3.0mm Thickness

3.0mm Cloth Filter Bag

Customizable Cloth Filter Bag

Ceramic Cloth Filter Bag

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Product Details
Fabric Structure:
Hydrolysis Resistant Fiber
Base Cloth:
E-glass Fiber Base Cloth
Gram Weight:
Air Permeability:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
200 pieces
Packaging Details
Customer request
Delivery Time
10-15 Work Days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
100000 records per month
Product Description

Customizable Cloth Bag Filter Bag For Ceramic Factory


Special cloth bag filter bag for ceramic factory:

The bag filter is used in the fume control process of the ceramic industry. Compared with the electrostatic precipitator, the bag filter can ensure the efficient, stable and trace emission of the flue gas. While the outlet dust is less than 5mg/Nm3, the resistance of the flue gas is much larger than that of the electrostatic precipitator.

Design requirements:
The design of the bag dust collector in the ceramic factory meets the environmental protection requirements of the area where the project is located, ensuring the dust removal effect and standard discharge.

Design Principles:
When determining the technical plan, adhere to the principles of adapting measures to local conditions, mature technology, and economical rationality.

Design selection:
Choose equipment with good quality, stable performance and reliable operation to reduce the workload of operation and maintenance. Fully consider various plans and measures to reduce the wear and tear of the bag, prolong the service life of the bag, and improve the efficiency of dust removal on site; in the design of the box cover, orifice plate, etc., the convenience of bag inspection and replacement is considered.

Design structure:
There is a flower plate in the filter area of the bag filter box in the ceramic factory. The filter bag assembly of the dust collector is sealed and connected with the flower plate by a spring ring to form a clean gas area (upper box) and a dusty gas area (middle box). separation. The flower plate is also the working platform for the maintenance and replacement of the filter bag of the dust collector.

Design principle:
The dusty gas penetrates the filter bag under negative pressure in the middle box, the dust is blocked by the filter bag and adsorbed on the outer surface of the filter bag, the filtered clean gas penetrates the filter bag into the upper box and is discharged through the exhaust channel .

Design Features:
①Mature and reliable
②Powerful dust removal
③With air distribution function
④Low running resistance, energy saving
⑤ Can run safely under high load
⑥Accurate fault diagnosis

HEADING ceramic factory cloth bag filter bag product details:

Longitudinal strength ≥1800N/5×20cm Long-term working temperature 80-230℃
Lateral force ≥1800N/5×20cm Instant working temperature <280℃
Longitudinal elongation at break ≤10% Post-processing Hydrolysis-resistant treatment, PTFE coating
Transverse elongation at break ≤10% Field of work Special for ceramic kiln

1,Strict material selection
Polyester fiber is selected, and stainless steel aprons are used for the bag mouth, which is strong and tough, and is not easy to break.

2, Turner sewing
Use the commonly used sewing thread for cloth bags, and the three sutures will not fall off during use.

3,Bag thickness
According to the requirements of different working conditions, dust bags of different thickness and strength are selected

4, Intimate customization
According to the needs of customers, the products are singeed, water-repellent and oil-proof, etc.

HEADING is mainly engaged in PET high-efficiency filter material, polypropylene melt-blown cloth, polyphenylene sulfide PPS high-performance filter material, aramid multi-fiber high-temperature resistant filter material, special filter material for ultra-low emissions of coal-fired boilers, and pure PTFE acupuncture Felt and other products have outstanding strength in the research and development of low-cost and high-performance polymer materials and new fiber filter materials, and have strong technological innovation capabilities and achievement transformation capabilities.

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