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2.2mm Thickness Special Filter Bag For Boiler Dust Removal

2.2mm Thickness Special Filter Bag For Boiler Dust Removal

Filter Bag For Boiler Dust Removal

2.2mm Thickness Filter Bag

Industrial Filter Bags For Boiler

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Special Filter Bag For Boiler Dust Removal


Special dust bag for heating boilerDetails​:It is a new type of high-temperature high-efficiency filter material with reasonable structure and excellent performance. It not only has the high temperature resistance of glass fiber woven filter material. The advantages of corrosion resistance, stable size and high strength, and 100% non-alkali glass fiber as raw material, using high-count glass fiber yarn, divided into velvet needle punched, has good heat resistance, flame retardant, anti-corrosion effect, gas resistance Small, dust removal efficiency is higher than that of woven filter material, and the filtration speed is about one time higher than that of woven filter material. It is the first choice for purifying blast furnace gas and flue gas in steel, smelting and other industries.


Several types of boiler-specific dust-removing bags that are common on the market today are:


1. Ordinary type
Ordinary filter bags are made of polyester cloth and polypropylene cloth; they are characterized by poor corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and they are easy to be damaged or have holes and other defects after a long time of use.
2. Interwoven type
The filter material of this type of product is made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), polyphenylene sulfide resin (PPs) and other materials, which has good performance; and has high mechanical strength, good temperature resistance and resistance Chemical solvent erosion ability; long service life and not easy to be damaged and deformed.
3. High temperature resistant type
This kind of product is generally made of composite fabric made of polyester silk fiber and glass fiber; it has the advantages of good high temperature resistance, good air permeability and easy dust removal; it is suitable for various industrial furnaces operating in high temperature environment The purification treatment of wet smoke on the kiln and the waste heat recovery and utilization of waste incinerators and other occasions are required!
4. Flame retardant
This kind of product is made by adding a certain proportion of polymer additives on the basis of ordinary filter materials; it has excellent flame retardant performance and good fire retardant and heat insulation effects, and can effectively suppress smoke and dust in high temperature conditions. The occurrence of the phenomenon of rising gas concentration caused by oxidation and decomposition! It is suitable for the filtration and purification treatment of various wet flue gases under high temperature conditions in metallurgy, chemical and other industries, and the use requirements of waste heat recovery in various waste incineration power plants!
5. Anti-corrosion type
This type of product is a new type of high-efficiency and environmentally friendly filter material that uses polymer coating as the surface layer substrate and is specially processed! It is characterized by good corrosion resistance, strong wear resistance and long service life; it can be used for the purification treatment of various highly corrosive industrial waste gas emissions and the use requirements of waste heat recovery in various waste incineration power plants!
6. No condensation
According to the environmental requirements at different temperatures, it is designed with non-condensing structure of different thicknesses to meet the needs of various use conditions: for example, when used in an environment of 0°C, it is designed as an ultra-thin structure to adapt to low temperature environments The application needs and so on. According to the specific conditions of different application sites, we can provide a variety of models, specifications and sizes for you to choose and match! !

2.2mm Thickness Special Filter Bag For Boiler Dust Removal 0

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The high-quality material selection and exquisite workmanship of the special filter bag for boiler dust removal have a wide range of applications.


Continuous dry heat service temperature 260℃ Hydrolytic stability good
Continuous damp heat service temperature 200℃ Acid resistance excellent
Instantaneous use temperature 300℃ Alkali resistance excellent
Oxidation stability excellent Filtration efficiency 99.99%


We can also provide various types of keel selection accessories for boiler dust filter bags. Round skeleton, flat skeleton, spring skeleton, multi-section special-shaped skeleton, materials include high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, carbon steel, galvanized, electroplating, stainless steel, etc. There are also stretched venturi tubes, which can be welded on the cage mouth according to user requirements. Venturi tubes, short pipes, hanging ports, bag hose hoops and other accessories can be customized according to customer requirements. Non-standard filter bag dragon frame.


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