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700gsm Polyester Vacuum Filter Belt Calendering 880cm Width For Horizontal Vacuum Filter

700gsm Polyester Vacuum Filter Belt Calendering 880cm Width For Horizontal Vacuum Filter

700gsm Vacuum Filter Belt

Vacuum Filter Belt Calendering

Polyester Filter Belt 880cm

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Product Details
700gsm - 2000gsm
Max 880cm
Finish Treatment:
Heat Setting; Calendering
Filter Type:
Vacuum Filter; Press Filter
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 Piece
Packaging Details
Polybag or Wooden box
Delivery Time
15-30 Work Days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
5000 Square meter per Month
Product Description

Filter Cloth For Horizontal Vacuum Filter / Vacuum Filter Belt / Polyester Filter Belts700gsm Polyester Vacuum Filter Belt Calendering 880cm Width For Horizontal Vacuum Filter 0

Polyester Filter Belts are specially designed filter cloth for the belt press filters, it's a circuit belt fabric connected by metal clipper joint to be able to work continuously.

The belt press filter cloth is a sturdy fabric made out of high viscosity polyester monofilament yarn on heavy-duty weaving looms and being heat set. Heading choose superior polyester monofilament yarn, weaving by advanced looms, excellent thermal treatment, all these makes our polyester filter belts in precise aperture, good transverse stability, lengthways flexibility, excellent mechanical strength and stability in shape and dimension.

As versatile filter belts, Heading's polyester filter belts for belt press have various weave pattern and wide range of air permeability, meet the large scope of dewatering, filtering, drying and other requirements.


Huading's Polyester Filter Belts Feature:
SGS food contact regulations compliant, please contact us to get the testing report
Flexible and stable in dimension, accurate size and non-deforming
Excellent chemical stability, Synthetic Fiber Chemical Properties Table
Abrasion-resistance, long service life
High-temperature resistance, up to 150 degrees
Excellent filtration result
Smooth surface, filter cake release easily
Large width up to 8.5M
We accept customized precisely to your application to get optimal filtration results.


Main points for choosing polyester filter belts for belt press filters:

1). Choose the adapt material of Filter belts for belt press filters
Polyester (PET) – the ideal material in the acid condition, high-temperature resistance (up to 135° C), tensile strength, warp, and weft stability, suitable for phosphoric acid, citric acid, boric acid, phosphate, potassium salt, and sodium salt extraction, filtration, and dehydration
Polyamide (Nylon) – alkaline resistant, good tensile strength, high-temperature resistance, also prominent abrasion resistance, it's widely used in filtration and dewatering of paper pulp washing, dehydration process in alkali, alumina and steel industry.
Teflon, also known as PTFE, is excellent high temperatures resistance, as well as excellent anti-adhesion properties, and good water filtration performance. It often used in harsh conditions such as high temperature and mucosity
Polypropylene – applicable in many chemical plants for its acid and alkali-resistance, especially in the case of low tensile strength, low temperature, and relative low filtration efficiency.
Mixed fabrics – woven by two materials or different thread yarns. Used in power plant gypsum dewatering in fuel gas desulfurization (FGD), and steel plant sludge dewatering where contain abrasive materials.

2). Choose the optimal air permeability of the polyester filter belts, the bigger aperture has quick filtration speed but lower particles interception, besides small air permeability has better trap capacity but low efficiency.

3). Choose the optimal weave type

4). In sludge dewatering application, if several fabrics have equal air permeability, choose the thickest one, which has better weft resistance to folding during running.

5). The joints and edges treatment is one of the core issues of the service life and the cost-performance of the filter belts. They are always the most vulnerable part of the filter belts. The filter belt cloth can not work properly due to connection problems usually, and even scrapped soon after using. Therefore, the quality of the filter belt joints and edges treatment has a decisive influence on the performance and service life of the filter belt fabrics. In most processes use the stainless steel clippers connection.

6). Choose the polyester filter belts produced by a professional and reliable manufacturer, as the crucial part of the filter press, the belt cloth takes only 15-20% of the total filtration equipment cost, although a high efficiency and durability filter belts are important to the filtration production.


The featured application of Polyester Filter Belts including:


Municipal sludge, industrial sludge, biologic sludge, dewatering and drying belt filter cloth for belt press filter.

The polyester filter belts as the belt press filter cloth, play a crucial part in the belt filter press, etc, as it determines the actual output and efficiency of the filtration process.

The special twill weave ensures precise filtration results, and smooth surface makes filter cake comes off easily, the high-quality polyester monofilament yarn makes our woven mesh filter belt fabrics being chemically-resistant, good strength could withstand the greatest mechanical stresses and long service life.

The polyester filter belts are most widely used in dewatering and drying for municipal sludge, industrial slurries, and biologic sludge, and aid the mine tailing dewatering process for its capacity of continuous working and high efficiency.

700gsm Polyester Vacuum Filter Belt Calendering 880cm Width For Horizontal Vacuum Filter 1


What you need to tell us to order a polyester filter belt for your belt press filter?

1). Confirm the slurry consistency, solid particles size in the filtrate.
2). Confirm the ph value of the filtrate.
3). Working temperature.
4). Belt filter press type, strength, handling capacity.
5). The length and width of the filter belts.
6). The connection and edges treatment types.
7). The air permeability of the filter belts.
8). Thickness, the weight of the filter belt cloth.


The below synthetic materials for our filter belts are acceptable for customizing:

1). PET for most common conditions, the normal temperature under 130 °C.
2). PET with hydrolysis, for high temperature 150-160 °C and high humidity.
3). PA for alkaline working conditions.
4). PP for high PH value.
5). PPS for high temperature 180-250 °C.
6). PEEK for high temperature 260°C.



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