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Working principle of bag dust collector


Latest company news about Working principle of bag dust collector

Bag dust collectors are widely used because of their advantages such as high efficiency and energy saving.

1. Dust removal process: The airflow entering the bag dust collector will first pass through the converging part. Since the device in this part can minimize the speed of the airflow, inertial electrostatic effects will occur. During this process, large particles of dust will be separated and intercepted in the box by the partition.

2. Filtration and dust cleaning: When the airflow passes through the filter bag, dust finer than the filter bag will be isolated, and the clean gas will enter the outlet of the box through the filter bag and be discharged. But over time, a thick layer of dust will accumulate on the filter bag, causing the air flow to gradually decrease. In order to ensure the working efficiency of the bag dust collector, the contaminated filter bags need to be cleaned. The dust cleaning process is to spray high-pressure compressed air into the inside of the filter bag through a blowing device, so that the dust in the filter bag breaks away from the surface of the filter bag and is deposited in the ash hopper for collection.

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