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What is the purpose of filter material?


Latest company news about What is the purpose of filter material?

Filter Media Concept

Filter media is the part of a filtration system used to separate unwanted particles from the material being filtered. The type of material used as filter media depends on the material being filtered.


There are generally two types of filter media, air filter media and liquid filter media. Different filter types use different materials.


Selection of filter material

The most important properties of a filter material are its strength, stability, abrasion resistance and stretchability, absorbency, permeability and cost.

The material selection of dust bag can be simply divided into normal temperature type and medium and high temperature type.
The specific choice should be made with special consideration in practical applications. Such as acid and alkali resistance, anti-static and so on.


What are the uses of filter materials

Dust filter bags are widely used in steel, thermal power, chemical, building materials, waste incineration, glass and other industries. It plays an extremely important role in air filtration and emission, realizing ultra-clean emission and meeting the major strategic needs of environmental protection.

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