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What is the acrylic filter needle felt used for?


Latest company news about What is the acrylic filter needle felt used for?

Acrylic Needle Felt is mainly used in the detergent, waste incinerators, asphalt, spray dryer, coal mill and power plant, reducing environmental pollution.


Advantages of Acrylic Needle Felt:

1. Excellent anti-acid and alkali: PH ranges from 3-11
2. High Filtration Efficiency: reach to 99.5%
3. Hydrolysis Stability.
4. Stable working time: up to more than 3000 hours. Could be used cyclically.
5. Variety of finish treatments.
6. Customized by order.


Specification of Acrylic Needle Felt:

1. Material : 100% Acrylic staple fiber.
2. Scrim: with Acrylic staple yarn.
3. Width:≤2.2 m
4. Thickness:1.2-2.0 mm
5. Weight:300 -600 g/m2 ±10%
6. Temperature (℃/℉): Continue: 120/248, Instant: 140/284


Features of Acrylic Needle Felt:

1. Excellent hydrolysis stability.
2. Good anti-acid and alkali, PH ranges from 3-11
3. Relative humidity less than 30% , beware of the oxidation.
4. High quality and economical.
5. Can be customized.


Acrylic dust bag Acrylic needle felt, chemical name homopolymer, which is used as a raw material to make felt by needle punching. After special water repellent treatment, acrylic medium temperature anti-hydrolysis needled filter felt is obtained. The air permeability is 14M3/M2·min·200Pa, the instantaneous working temperature is 140°C, and the normal working temperature is 120°C. The needle felt is reinforced with acrylic woven fabric as the base fabric to enhance the vertical and horizontal strength. It has excellent chemical resistance and hydrolysis resistance, and is widely used in dust collection of flue gas such as asphalt, dryer, coal mill and power plant sintering machine.

homopolymer acrylic needle felt, weight 500g / m2, gas permeability 18m3/m2.min, singeing, calendering (Teflon coating) between 140 ° C or so working condition environment is relatively harsh, thickness 2.0mm, use temperature 150~160°C.

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