What is Nomex filter also known as?

May 6, 2023
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Aramid, also known as Nomex, is widely used in high temperature applications because of its excellent resistance to abrasion and ability to perform at maximum continuous operating temperatures of 400 degrees Fahrenheit.


Aramid (Nomex) filter bags mainly operating in the bag filter house with the temperature of between 130 ~ 220 degree C, suitable PH value between 5~9, widely used in steel industry, carbon black industry, building materials industries (cement plants, asphalt mixing station, etc) and power industry, etc.


HEADING adopt the super quality aramid fiber and scrim then well needle punched them into felt, after the sound finish treatment such as singing, calendering, heat setting, water and oil repellent, PTFE membrane laminated and so on so as to make the filter cloth with the properties of higher tensile strength, abrasion resistance, lower emission, suitable for the sticky/high moisture dust air purifying, easy purging, lower heat shrinkage, etc.