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What is glass Fibre filter used for?


Latest company news about What is glass Fibre filter used for?

latest company news about What is glass Fibre filter used for?  0

1. What is fiberglass?

Glass fiber filter media is made from 100% micro-fine borosilicate glass fibers. Glass fiber filters are used where high flow rate and micron/sub-micron filtration is required. The filter media can be used for both liquid and air filtration.


Glass fibre filter media is made by extruding molten glass into fine glass fibres with varying sizes and thicknesses. The process involves continuously spinning glass filaments to form a uniform sheet, which is then laminated with a thermosetting resin for added strength and protection. This results in a media that exhibits outstanding dust retention capabilities and enhances filter efficiency.


2. Understanding Fiberglass Filters

(1) Made of borosilicate fiberglass without binder or with binder.
(2) Stability at high temperature: maintain its performance up to 180 ºC ~500 ºC.
(3) It can be used as a pre-filter of the membrane to prevent membrane fouling.
(4) Large surface area provides excellent retention capacity.
(5) High flow rate and high air permeability.
(6) Reduce filtration costs and premature clogging when filtering difficult-to-filter or highly contaminated solutions.
(7) Excellent wet strength, ease of handling and filter integrity.


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