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What is a filter press?


Latest company news about What is a filter press?

About filter press

  1. Filter by a number of filter plates and filter box laminated block filter chamber composition, using a pressure filter as the driving force of the machine.
  2. Filter it is an intermittent operation of the machine, is divided into four kinds of frame filter, Van filter, belt filter press and the vertical filter press.

  3. The scope of products is very wide, but the structure is relatively simple. The main frame is a plate with pinch and pull together, and dumping slag and cleaning cloth can be implemented fully automated operation, the filter is very beneficial to large-scale development, the outlook is better.

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Application status of filter press With the rapid development of modern technology and the renewal of industry, the mining of mineral resources is becoming increasingly depleted, and we are already facing the situation of "poor, small and miscellaneous".


Therefore, people have worn finer ore, while “fine, mud, sticky “materials for solid-liquid separation, in order to improve the utilization of mineral resources.


Before this, in addition to the high demands for energy saving, business-to-solid-liquid separation technology and equipment has a higher and broader demands.


For social needs in petroleum, chemical, food, mineral processing, metallurgy, coal, chemical and other industries, boosting the application of solid-liquid separation technology and equipment, and the breadth and depth of applications continues to expand.

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