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What are the accessories of bag filter


Latest company news about What are the accessories of bag filter

1. Dust filter bag

The dust filter bag is called the heart of the bag filter, and is generally called a filter bag, a dust filter bag, a dust bag, a dust bag, a dust bag, a dust bag, etc. The dust bag is a key part in the operation of the bag filter, usually a cylindrical filter bag hanging vertically in the filter.

The bag filter is a dry dust removal device, which is suitable for collecting fine, dry and non-fibrous dust. The filter bag is made of woven filter cloth or non-woven felt, and uses the filtering effect of the fiber fabric to filter the dusty gas. According to the temperature, it is mainly divided into high temperature filter bag and normal temperature filter bag.

2. Dust removal framework

Use a high-frequency welding machine to weld the skeleton into shape at one time. Use iron wire or stainless steel wire with sufficient strength and rigidity. Galvanizing, plastic spraying, silicone plating and other treatment methods. The skeleton treated with silicone technology can completely replace the stainless steel skeleton, which can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment. Meet the requirements of lightness, smoothness and straightness, the design structure is hard, and the service life is long; it can be customized according to customer needs.

3. Electromagnetic pulse valve

The pulse solenoid valve is the compressed air "switch" of the dust cleaning and injection system of the pulse bag filter. It controls the opening and closing of the unloading hole of the valve body according to the signal of the pulse controller to realize injection. The moment the solenoid valve is opened, a powerful impact airflow is generated to realize a powerful instantaneous blowing, and the dust is blown to the filter bags row by row (chamber) to keep the resistance of the dust collector within the set range, so as to ensure the dust removal of the dust collector. processing capacity and dust collection efficiency.

4. Pulse controller

The pulse controller is the main control device for jet cleaning of the pulse bag filter. Its output signal controls the electromagnetic pulse valve to clean the filter bag in a cycle to ensure the processing capacity and dust collection efficiency of the dust collector. The pulse interval, pulse width, number of output channels and cycle interval of this product are adjustable, the data can be displayed by digital tubes, and the number of output channels can be adjusted according to demand. Most of the parts of this product are imported, and its performance is higher than that of similar products in the market, making its operation more intuitive and simple, and its performance more stable.

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