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The relationship between fiber and nonwoven materials


Latest company news about The relationship between fiber and nonwoven materials

Fiber is the most basic raw material for non-woven materials. Since non-woven materials are different from traditional textiles in the arrangement and combination of yarns to form fabrics, they are fiber aggregates directly composed of fiber raw materials, so the performance of fiber raw materials has a great influence on the performance of non-woven materials. have a more direct impact.

The fiber raw materials used in non-woven technology are very extensive. To produce non-woven products with reasonable performance and price ratio, it is necessary to first clarify the role of fibers in non-woven materials, master the basic properties of fibers, and base on non-woven processing technology and post-treatment technology. And equipment, properly select fiber raw materials. Thus, a high-efficiency dust filter bag with excellent performance is prepared.

HEADING FILTER has been committed to the development of high-efficiency dust filter bags for many years, and can design and produce suitable dust filter bags according to working conditions.

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