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The importance of bag filter in aluminum plant


Latest company news about The importance of bag filter in aluminum plant

The processing technology of an aluminum factory is mainly composed of a shot blasting machine and a dust removal system, among which the dust removal system is most likely to cause dust accumulation and cause an explosion.


1) The common surface treatment of aluminum products such as aluminum alloys and aluminum profiles is polishing and grinding, which will produce a large amount of aluminum powder and dust.


(2) Aluminum powder has good heat transfer performance, and its danger is that the dust is flying and mixed with air, and if it encounters sparks, it will explode and burn.


(3) Mixing aluminum powder with other oxidants can also form an explosive mixture. If it contacts with acid and alkali, hydrogen gas will be produced, and hydrogen gas is also easy to burn and explode in the air.


(4) The processing workers in the aluminum factory all use shot blasting machines to polish, and the shot blasting machines are equipped with a bag filter to prevent the accumulation of aluminum powder from causing explosions.


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