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The filter cloth industry is very competitive in China


Latest company news about The filter cloth industry is very competitive in China

In China's filter cloth industry, there have been long-term "Northern Shenyang, South Changsha", the news came, not only makes people worry. It should be said that the inactivity of the system and the backward management are the key factors that lead to such a situation. The reform system is undoubtedly the key to solving the problem. For traditional state-owned enterprises, only by changing the mechanism as soon as possible and improving market competitiveness can we strive for greater development space. At present, the concentration of the filter cloth industry in China is not high, and the whole industry has not yet formed an enterprise with absolute advantages. The competition among enterprises is very fierce. In the tide of industry consolidation, the following trends may occur in filter cloth: Traditional state-owned enterprises are gradually declining and the situation is worrying. Once upon a time, many of the most popular star companies in the filter cloth pump industry were not in the limelight. On the one hand, the output of traditional products and general-purpose pump products has dropped very seriously, and many have fallen to less than a quarter of the original production volume; on the other hand, high-tech filter cloth pumps and special pump products that have been formed in recent years are also Due to insufficient order, the production capacity is largely idle.

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