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The application of all kinds filter media


Latest company news about The application of all kinds filter media

All porous materials that can allow the fluid in the filter slurry to pass through and the solid particles contained therein to be trapped for the purpose of solid-liquid separation are collectively called filter media.
It is a key component of the filter. It determines the separation accuracy and efficiency of the filter operation, and also directly affects the production intensity and power consumption of the filter.


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There are many types of filter media used in industry.

  • Polypropylene (PP) is for food, flour, sugar, fertilizer, electroplating, pesticides and other industries.
  • Acrylic applies to detergents, waste incineration, asphalt, spray dryer, coal mill and power plant (FGD) part of the industry.
  • Polyester (PE). It is can be used for mining, lime, cement, iron and steel industry, alumina delivery, electrolytic aluminum, non-ferrous metal production, wood processing, food processing and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Polyphenylen sulfide (PPS) is applicable to the conditions of low-oxidation gas fired boilers, waste incineration, metal smelting, chemical industry.

  • Polyimide (P84) is for corrosive gases, such as chemical, metal smelting, waste incineration, cement kilns and coal-fired boiler.

  • Polytetrafluoroethene (PTFE) is suitable for high-corrosive gases and high temperatures, such as chemicals, coal-fired boilers, waste incineration and non-ferrous industrial production.

  • Fiberglass. widely used in various industrial furnace high temperature exhaust gas filter such as chemical, steel, metallurgy, carbon black, power generation, cement, and so on. It is suitable for all kinds of dust and ash pulse bag agent hinger recoil velocity ash and the like.

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