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Structural characteristics of PTFE dust bag


Latest company news about Structural characteristics of PTFE dust bag

1. PTFE fiber has superior temperature resistance, reaching 280 degrees. Because of the special molecular structure of the PTFE material, it has excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance, which can improve the chemical corrosion of the filter material. Because of the non-stick, water-repellent, and non-combustible properties of PTFE fiber materials, this fiber has become the best filter material. This kind of fiber is used as the base fabric, which basically guarantees the strength without loss during long-term use;

2. The surface layer characteristics of the material, that is, the work done by the solid and the liquid in contact, PTFE is very easy to repel the liquid in contact with it;

3. The self-lubrication of PTFE surface layer, PTFE has a spiral structure, and the intermolecular attraction is very weak, which makes the friction coefficient of PTFE extremely low compared with other polymers;

4. The solubility of the material, the solubility of PTFE is extremely poor, and the probability of its adhesion will be smaller. Finally, it needs to be emphasized that the PTFE dust bag should not damage the surface layer of the film layer during installation and use. Sharp tools can cause contact and damage the dust bag.

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