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Solid/gas separation with fabric filters


Latest company news about Solid/gas separation with fabric filters

Filtration and Separation Textiles usually refer to textiles used in the fields of gas/solid separation, liquid/solid separation, gas/liquid separation, solid/solid separation, liquid/liquid separation, gas/gas separation and other fields.


  • Such as high-purity water pre-filtration in the food, electronics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries;
  • Juice, beverage, and alcohol filtration; air filtration of large building air supply systems;
  • Car air, fuel and oil filtration;
  • Industrial high temperature flue gas filtration, etc.

These all use filter materials made of special fibers.


Huading filter materials are now used to separate solid particles in industrial gas filtration systems.

These tools range from single applications in non-capital media (capable of being replaced) to include fibers, fabrics, ceramics, membranes, mesh and metallic media. Semi-permanent media tends to be cleaned online or offline and is primarily intended for long-term (several years) lifetimes.


latest company news about Solid/gas separation with fabric filters  0

Fabric media comes in two main ways: woven or non-woven, and is made from a variety of materials using a variety of manufacturing methods. Object carriers are usually produced in sheet form and then formed into bags.

Woven fabrics use yarn balls or filaments interwoven in specific repeating patterns (as well as garment fabrics), while non-woven carriers are usually composed of multiple fibers or threads at random, often with secondary processing, such as needle punching, punching. Some nonwoven supports may consist of a membrane or embedded in a carrier web or scrim. Fabric filters are designed for long-term use in cleaning production lines (on site).


When applying gas filter media fabric, it is mainly made into filter bags for bag filters, in which cylindrical filter bags are arranged vertically.
The advantage of fabric filters is the ability to effectively remove most particles from high exhaust gas flows using media with moderate pressure drop.

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