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Sewage filter characteristics


Latest company news about Sewage filter characteristics

Filtration refers to the separation of impurities, suspended solids, microorganisms and other harmful substances in sewage from the water through certain methods or means to achieve the purpose of purifying water quality.

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Introducing the characteristics of one of the filtration types - sewage filter

  1. Effectively remove suspended solids and maintain stable filtration accuracy.
  2. The filter element is a special stainless steel filter.
  3. No media filter, no need to replenish the filter regularly.
  4. When cleaning the filter, the water flow is continuous and the water consumption is low.
  5. The cleaning time and cleaning pressure can be set according to the water quality, and cleaning can be started manually.
  6. Compact structure and space saving
  7. Simple operation and maintenance.

With the acceleration of urbanization, urban sewage treatment has become an important environmental issue.
Filtration technology in sewage treatment is one of the important links.

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