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Selection of filter wind speed for bag filter


Latest company news about Selection of filter wind speed for bag filter

​​The filter wind speed of the bag filter refers to the average speed of the filtered smoke gas passing through the dust bag, which is an important basis for selecting and designing the bag filter. Before determining the filter area, the filter wind speed must be determined first. Once the filtering wind speed is determined, the filtering area can be calculated according to the formula Vs=Q/60A. In the formula, Vs is the filtering wind speed in m3/min; Q is the flow rate of dusty gas in m3/min, and A is the filtering area of the filter bag in m2. The selection of filtration wind speed should be determined according to the nature of smoke or dust, application occasion, dust particle size, viscosity, gas temperature, water content, dust concentration and different filter material emission standards and other factors. Generally, the wind speed can reach 1.0-1.5, the glass fiber coating is below 1.0, the thermal power plant is below 0.9, and the best is about 0.8. For biomass power generation, the wind speed may be below 0.7. The normal temperature bag filter wind speed is controlled at 1.2m/min; high temperature It is advisable to control the bag filter wind speed at 1.0m/min.

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