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Reasons for the clogging of the dust bag


Latest company news about Reasons for the clogging of the dust bag

The main reason for the blockage of the dust bag is that the filtration speed is too high and the dust is too fine, and if the cleaning of the filter bag itself is not very careful or there is moisture, the filtered gas running in the dust removal equipment will exceed the design of the dust removal. the limit that can be tolerated.
If things go on like this, these small dusts will gradually get stuck in the fiber of the bag, which will cause the blockage of the dust bag.

The solution is to reduce the speed of the filtered gas to reduce the impact on the bag.
In addition, it can also be solved by increasing the pressure of the pulse jet.
Of course, there is a better way to increase the area of the dust bag to ensure that no matter how much gas is filtered, the filtering speed can be reduced.
In addition, in the daily maintenance, it is also necessary to use the correct method to clean the dust and check the condition of the dust bag in real time.

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