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P84 fiber and PPS fiber


Latest company news about P84 fiber and PPS fiber

P84 and PPS are commonly used filter materials in the industrial field. They have high filtration efficiency and high temperature resistance.


P84 fiber

It has a higher heat resistance, temperature up to 260 ℃, instantaneous reach 280 ℃ (instantaneous temperature does not exceed zero 200h), almost equal with fiberglass fiber.
With irregular leaf-shaped fiber cross-section, P84 surface area increases, and improves filtration efficiency than other fibers by 15% to 20%.

As dust will not infiltrated the cloth, can reduce the pressure drop at the same time, release properties, it can be used in cement plant, thermal incinerator, calcium carbide factory.
Especially composite P84 fiber and fiberglass fiber, the advantages of the two materials will be played full.

Following is the point need to consider when using P84 filter bag:

  • Before the waste gas enters the bag, it is best to carry out desulfurization treatment
  • Nitrogen oxide content NOx<600mg/Nm³
  • Sulfur oxide SOx content <600mg/Nm³
  • Oxygen O2<22%, water H2O<35%


latest company news about P84 fiber and PPS fiber  0

PPS fiber

Its biggest advantage is that good chemical resistance, fiber strength 30% higher than other organic fibers, high filtration efficiency, low running resistance, temperature up to 180 ℃, instantaneous even reach 200 ℃ (instantaneous limit: no more than a year 400h), and low price.

With excellent chemical properties,PPS fiber is widely used in coal-fired boilers, incinerators, fuel oil, coal and other places.

Following is several questions need to notice as PPS has the disadvantage of easy oxidation.

  1. Oxygen content less than 14%
  2. Hydroxide less than 600mg/Nm³
  3. The temperature should not exceed 180℃
  4. Sulfur content is less than 2700mg/Nm³


The filter material is the most critical, most vulnerable and most expensive component in the bag dust collector, and is the main item that affects investment and operating costs.
The selection of filter material is related to whether the dust collector can be used for a long time, reliably and efficiently. Therefore, the filter material should be selected based on the actual production conditions and the working requirements of the bag dust collector.

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