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Manufacturers deal with the high temperature problem of dust removal bags


Latest company news about Manufacturers deal with the high temperature problem of dust removal bags

Dust collector design and manufacturing manufacturers talk about how to deal with high temperature problems.


The dust filter bag in the dust collector is an important part of the dust collector. If you want the dust removal filter bag to have good dust removal effect, the filter bag is the key.


latest company news about Manufacturers deal with the high temperature problem of dust removal bags  0


The maintenance cost of dust collector bags accounts for a large proportion of the dust collector maintenance costs. The filter bag is the key factor that determines the performance of the dust collector. As for how to maintain the filter bag during the use of the dust collector, it is necessary to consider the main reasons for damage to the filter bag. Analyzing the reasons, the proportion of high-temperature damage is relatively high, so how to avoid high-temperature damage to the filter bag during the use of the dust collector is particularly important.



1. High-temperature coating: Anti-corrosion coating is essential for bag dust collectors used for high-temperature flue gas filtration. Poor coating not only affects the appearance, but also accelerates corrosion and reduces the service life of the bag dust collector.

2. Insulation method: No matter how the air flow is arranged in the ash hopper of the dust collector, air flow obstruction will inevitably occur, so the equipment needs to be insulated. The insulation layer structure should meet the purpose of preventing condensation.

3. Choose high-temperature-resistant filter bags: There are many types of high-temperature-resistant filter bags that are widely used, such as Nomex, aramid, P84, glass fiber dust bags, PTFE dust bags, etc. Nomex dust filter bags can be used for high-temperature and dry gases. If the flue gas contains moisture or the flue gas is prone to condensation, it is necessary to use high-temperature resistant filter bags such as P84 that are difficult to hydrolyze.

4. Structure method: In order to prevent condensation of high-temperature flue gas during dust collector general contract operation and maintenance, the internal structure planning of the bag dust collector should first minimize the area of gas obstruction. The dust-laden air enters from the lower part of the box according to the settings of the dust collector, and the outlet is set at the upper part of the box, on the same side as the inlet. At this time, the air flow will stagnate in the lower area of the filter bag and the area opposite to the outlet. Since the box wall cools after dissipating heat, condensation will easily form. In order to reduce the heat dissipation from the wall, a special method is designed to install a reinforced structure on the inner side of the box. The environmentally friendly asbestos-free gasket and sealing materials used on the box should be selected to withstand the set temperature.

5. Filter bag mouth method: When using a pulse bag dust collector to process high-temperature flue gas, it is necessary to prevent partial cooling and condensation at the filter bag mouth. The temperature of the compressed air used for dust cleaning is low, and the temperature of the flue gas to be purified is high. When the compressed air is sprayed into the filter bag through the blow pipe, the compressed air is suddenly released, and the temperature around the bag mouth drops rapidly. Due to the difference in temperature and pressure, If the compressed air quality is poor and contains water and oil, the condensation will be more serious. The advantage of using N2 instead of compressed air is that N2 has good quality and can reduce the possibility of condensation; at the same time, the filter bag mouth guide tube is also helpful to prevent bag mouth condensation.

6. Solution to high temperature before the flue gas enters the dust collector: Since the flue gas temperature is as high as about 550°C, the existing general bag dust collector cannot handle it. Therefore, three cooling and prevention measures are adopted before the flue gas enters the bag dust collector. Method.

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