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Liquid filter classification


Latest company news about Liquid filter classification

A liquid filter is a device used to filter liquids. It can filter out solid particles suspended in the liquid to make the liquid purer. Liquid filters are widely used in industrial, pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other fields and are one of the essential equipment in these industries.

Liquid filters can be divided into the following types according to their structures and working principles:


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  1. Pipeline filter
    In-line filters are the most common liquid filters. They are usually installed in pipes and filter impurities out of the liquid as it passes through it. The filtration precision of in-line filters is usually at the micron level and can be used to filter many different liquids, including water, lubricating oil, fuel, etc.
  2. Rotary filter
    A rotary filter is a filter that filters impurities from liquid during rotation. They are usually used for viscous liquids such as coatings, resins, paints, etc. The filtration precision of the rotary filter can be as high as nanometer level, and can be used in high-demand filtration situations.
  3. Belt filter
    A belt filter is a type of filter that uses a flat filter belt to filter liquids. Filter belts are available in different accuracies and flow rates. Belt filters are usually used to filter large amounts of solid particle impurities, such as sludge, ash, etc.

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