Installation steps of the bag filter bag (how to install the bag filter bag correctly)?

April 3, 2023
Latest company news about Installation steps of the bag filter bag (how to install the bag filter bag correctly)?

1. Check all bags before installation to make sure the machine is not damaged.


2. The installer needs to clean the bag. Installation requirements: two people install together, one person puts the cloth bag folded longitudinally into the hole, and the other person grasps and unfolds the rolled cloth bag. Then align the frame to the center and place gently. The installation process should ensure that the bag is in a vertical state.


3. Installation inspection: During installation, it is necessary to check whether the bag seams and sealing positions are sealed and correct. Make sure the hopper is vertical. If the bottom of the bag collides, moves or is not in the correct position, it is necessary to make a record, and then start to adjust it under the guidance of a special person.


4. After installation, in order to ensure that no sundries fall into the cloth bag, the flower board should be slowly covered with canvas. During installation, the nozzle should also be covered with canvas to avoid damage to the mouth of the bag.


5. When installing the compressed air pipeline, it is necessary to remove the dirt by blowing the pipeline. Pressure testing is required after installation to prevent clogging. During the pressure test, the safety valve is closed. After the pressure test, adjust the pressure regulating valve to the specified pressure.


6. After the injection system is installed, open the shut-off valve to ensure that the compressed air can be supplied. At this time, the pointer of the pressure gauge will have an indication. After the pressure is stable, close the air valve, and judge whether there is an air leak according to the floating degree of the pointer of the pressure gauge. If the pointer of the pressure gauge is basically stable, it means that the injection system is airtight and the installation is normal. If the pressure gauge pointer drops slowly or quickly, it indicates that there are varying degrees of leakage on the connected pipes. We should find out where the air leak is and get rid of it in time. Repeat the above steps until the pointer of the pressure gauge is basically stable after the intake valve is closed.


7. Control system installation: The installation of the control system should be carried out in strict accordance with the PLC computer control and electrical control installation drawings and instructions.


8. Check as required, the test pressure meets the requirements.