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Influence of Industrial Dust


Latest company news about Influence of Industrial Dust

With the development of industry, dust has become a problem that cannot be ignored.


1. Impact on the environment:
After industrial dust is produced, it will enter the atmosphere and directly pollute the environment. These dust particles are tiny and can be suspended in the air for several hours or even longer, so the dust is easily blown to other areas by the wind. Because the dust settles on leaves and grass, it can lead to infertile soil, reduced seasonal rainfall, acidification of the soil and loss of oxygen from root cells.

2. Impact on health:
During breathing, dust can enter the lungs and cause health problems. Industrial dust is a collection of particles that vary in size, shape and chemical composition, which means they have different health effects. Generally, dust particles that are particularly small are more dangerous because they can pass through the alveoli and enter the blood, head and brain cells.

Workers may suffer from respiratory diseases such as asbestos poisoning, pneumoconiosis, bronchitis and pneumonia after long-term inhalation of large amounts of dust. A more serious impact is that dust can be transmitted through the air, posing a serious threat to public health.

3. Ecological impact:
Many animals depend on the surface or shallow soil for food, and industrial dust can make the environment inhabited by these organisms barren and unsuitable for survival. Some of these organisms may enter the local food chain. If the impact of dust is quite large, it may lead to species extinction and regional human food safety problems.

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