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How to use high temperature dust bag


Latest company news about How to use high temperature dust bag

High temperature dust removing bag usually refers to the dust-removing bag that is used when dealing with high temperature (<250°C) flue gas dust. damage, and avoid various places that may cause accidents, such as open flames, etc.


In addition, carefully check the condition of the dust bag, try not to have wrinkles, and the sealing and correct installation of the dust bag are also extremely important. Otherwise, it is very easy to cause poor dust removal effect.


1. Installation inspection of high-temperature dust-removing cloth bags: After each filter bag is installed, check whether the joint is sealed and whether the sealing position is correct.
Check whether it is vertical from the ash hopper. If you find that the bottom of the filter bag touches or is not correct, make a record and adjust it in time under the guidance of a special person.

2. After the high-temperature dust bag is installed, the flower board should be gradually covered with canvas to prevent debris from falling into the filter bag. When installing the blowing pipe, cover the flower plate with canvas to prevent damage to the filter bag mouth.

3. Special attention should be paid to the installation of the high-temperature dust-removing bag: the centers of the five parts of the blowing pipe hole, Venturi nozzle, dust collector frame, high-temperature dust-removing bag, and flower plate must be consistent.

4. When installing high-temperature dust-removing bags, check each bag to prevent damage to the dust-removing equipment.

5. Smoking and open flames are prohibited when installing high-temperature dust-removing cloth bags.

6. For high-temperature dust-removing cloth bags, the bag must be folded longitudinally, then put into the hole of the flower plate, and installed vertically for protection.

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