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How to judge the quality of dust bag?


Latest company news about How to judge the quality of dust bag?

Dust bag is a dust filtration product with wide application prospects and environmental protection significance. Poor quality dust bags will seriously affect the dust removal work and cause dust pollutants to be discharged into the atmosphere, causing environmental pollution.

Generally, the quality of dust bag can be judged by looking at color, gloss, texture, touch, weighing method, specific functions, physical properties, mechanical properties, dust filtration characteristics and other methods.

The specific methods for judging the quality of dust bag are listed below for reference only.


1, look at the appearance. The most intuitive way to judge whether a dust bag is good or bad is to "look". It is necessary to observe whether there are black spots, jumpers, punctures, defects, broken wires, joints, etc. on the surface of the dust bag.

2, look at the gloss. Dust removal bags with different qualities and uses will have different glossiness. For example, long-fiber filter cloth has a smooth appearance and good gloss, while short-fiber filter cloth often has a fluffy appearance.

3. Look at the texture. Dust-removing cloth bags with different textures will also have different specifications, such as twill weave, plain weave and other patterns can also be used as the basis for judging the model.

4. Look at the touch. You can feel the sparseness of the fibers by touching them with your hands, and you can count how many filaments there are in the range of 10cm. The dust bag has a corresponding density coefficient according to the specification, which can be roughly judged by the touch.

5, burning hair. Burning part of the bag material can also be used as a way to judge. If the bag burns and emits black smoke, it means that it is a dust bag made of polyester. If it emits a blue light after burning, it is polypropylene.

6. Weighing method. Weighing some bags can quickly make judgments on the production process and material of the dust bag.

7.Specific functions. Factors such as temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, electrostatic properties, and hydrophobicity can all affect the performance of dust removal bags. The appropriate dust removal bag can be selected according to the specific dust removal environment.

8. Physical properties. Such as unit area, quality, thickness, width, organization of woven fabrics, fabric density, porosity, etc.

9. Mechanical properties. Such as breaking strength, elongation at break, elongation of the warp and weft load of the bag, bursting capacity of the filter material, etc.

10. Dust filtering characteristics. Such as resistance coefficient, static dust removal efficiency, dynamic dust removal efficiency, dynamic resistance of filter material, resistance coefficient, dust stripping rate, etc.


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