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How to filter dust with dust bag


Latest company news about How to filter dust with dust bag

The dust bag is made of breathable filter material. While the cloth is breathable, the dust particles are blocked to the surface of the filter bag, and the clean air is discharged through the filter bag. It's the same principle as the masks we usually wear.
To put it simply, a high-power fan is used to suck the dust on the workbench into the central dust collector through the spiral air duct. The central dust collector is impacted by pulse every time. Knock off the dust adsorbed on the cloth bag. Dust or wood chips are transferred into the dust collection box. Then concentrate on processing. This is how a baghouse filter works.


Under the action of the negative pressure of the fan of the dust collector, the dust-laden gas enters the box of the dust removal equipment from the air inlet, the dust is blocked by the filter bag, and the purified gas filtered by the filter bag is directly discharged by the fan. With the increase of the running time of the dust collector, more and more dust is accumulated on the filter bag, forming a new barrier layer, and the filtering effect is improved, but at the same time, the resistance of the filter bag is also increased, resulting in a decrease in the processing air volume.


Bag type dust removal is a process of separating solid particles in the air by filtration technology. Air filtration technologies currently mainly include fiber filtration, membrane filtration and particle filtration. The dust bag is a fiber filter, or a combination of membrane filter and particle filter. Air filtration technology is used in two aspects: one is to purify the air containing particulate matter, and the other is to collect the particles in the air as samples.

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