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How should the size of the dust filter bag be calculated?


Latest company news about How should the size of the dust filter bag be calculated?

Many times we all know that manufacturers need to purchase dust-removing cloth bags, but many people don't know how to accurately measure the appropriate size, which leads to the fact that the cloth bags cannot be used normally.
Some time ago, we had a foreign trade customer, because the measurement was inaccurate, resulting in an error, so there was no way to install the cloth bag, resulting in rework and redoing, which caused a lot of losses. The root cause was that the size of the cloth bag was not accurately measured.
There is an accurate calculation formula for dust bag measurement.


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1. According to the area of a single round filter bag, in the process of filter bag processing, because the filter bag should be fixed on the flower plate or short pipe, and some should be hung up and fixed on the bag cap, so the two ends of the filter bag need double seams Even multi-layer sewing: this part of the double-layer sewing has no filtering effect due to the increased resistance.
At the same time, some filter bags need a fixed ring in the middle, and this part has no filtering effect.
In the large and medium-sized reverse blowing dust collector, the filter bag is 10m long and 0.292m in diameter, and its nominal filter area is 0.0292×10=925m; if the area without filtering effect is deducted by 0.75m, its net filter area is 8.25-0.75=7.5m .
It can be seen that the useless filter area of the filter bag accounts for 5% to 10% of the filter bag area, so the size of the net filter area should be indicated in the specifications of the large and medium dust collectors.


2. After calculating the total filtration area and the area of a single dust bag, the number of filter bags can be calculated.
If the number of filter bags in each filter bag chamber is determined, the number of chambers in the entire dust collector can also be calculated from this.
Although the number of rooms is determined according to the need in the design or selection of the dust collector, considering the convenience of site layout and maintenance, the number of rooms of the seat remover with more than 6 rooms is often set as double rows. Each chamber of the dust collector with less than 5 chambers is designated as a single row.


3. The air volume handled by the bag filter refers to the volume of air that the bag filter can purify in a unit time.
The unit is cubic meters per hour (m3/h) or standard cubic meters per hour (Nm3/h). It is one of the most important factors in bag filter design.
It is necessary to choose the appropriate processing air volume. If the air volume is too small, the bag will be easily blocked and the dust removal efficiency will be reduced; if the air volume is too large, the investment in equipment will be increased, which will bring economic burden to customers.
To be able to choose a reasonable treatment air volume for customers often depends on the designer's experience and the customer's production process conditions.


latest company news about How should the size of the dust filter bag be calculated?  1


4. Calculate the total filter area: According to the total air volume passing through the dust collector and the predetermined filter speed, calculate the total filter area according to the following formula: After calculating the total filter area, you can determine the overall scale and size of the bag filter.

Once the filter area of the bag filter is determined, the air volume it handles depends on the selection of the filter speed. The formula is: Q = v × s × 60 (m3/h)

In the formula: Q — treatment air volume

v — Filtration wind speed (m/min)

s — total filtration area (m2)

Note: Filtration area (m2) = processing air volume (m3/h) / (filtration speed (m/min) x60)

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