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How do I choose a filter bag?


Latest company news about How do I choose a filter bag?

Filter Bag is a special device that extracts harmful or excessive quantities of substances from the air and cleans up polluted air. These Baghouse Filters are made from filter garments or needle-punched fabric and have a cylindrical or round shape.


So, how do I correctly choose the industrial filter bags I need?


A filter bag is the core filter component of the bag filter, and the filter bag cost accounts for about 10% -15% of whole baghouse bag filter system. The filter bag material directly determines the performance of the bag filter, such as equipment specification, dust removal efficiency, emission concentration, operating resistance, service life and so on. Therefore, it is very important to choose a filter bag correctly and properly.


Filter bag selection is usually carried out according to the nature of dusty gas, the property of the dust and the dust cleaning method of the dust collector. The following principles should be followed when choosing:

  • 1. reasonable structure and high capture rate;
  • 2. good exfoliation, easy to clear dust and not easy to scale;
  • 3. suitable air permeability, low resistance and high filtration precision;
  • 4. high strength and stable dimension;
  • 5. high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, hydrolysis resistance and wide adaptability;
  • 6. a wide range of raw material sources, stable and reliable performance;
  • 7. low price and long life.

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