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Four separation methods of air filters


Latest company news about Four separation methods of air filters

Air filters need to separate solid or liquid particles from aerosols.

There are generally four methods:

  1. Mechanical separation: inertial dust collector, gravity dust collector, cyclone dust collector;
  2. Electric power separation: single-stage electrostatic precipitator, double-stage electrostatic precipitator;
  3. Washing and separation: water film dust collector, spray washing dust collector, venturi dust collector;
  4. Filtration and separation: bag filter, packed filter.


Judging from the main purpose of air cleaning technology to purify the air, the concentration of particles in the air is very low (compared to industrial dust removal) and the size of the particles is very small.
In order to ensure the reliability of the final filtration effect, filtration separation with barrier properties is mainly used to remove particles in the air flow. Secondly, power separation is often used.

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