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Fire prevention measures for dust bag


Latest company news about Fire prevention measures for dust bag

Dust removal bags pay special attention to measures to prevent fires, explosions and fire accidents.

When dealing with gas or hot combustion gas, incomplete combustion dust, sparks and explosive combustion gas often enter the system. Some dust is self-igniting or charged, and most filter materials are flammable and will carry static friction. Very easy to generate.

Under such operating conditions, there is a risk of burns and explosions, and the consequences of such accidents are often very serious.


latest company news about Fire prevention measures for dust bag  0

You should consider taking good fire and explosion protection measures, such as:

⑴ Set up a combustion chamber or spark trap in front of the dust collector to trap incomplete combustion gases or incomplete combustion dust and sparks.
⑵ Take measures to prevent static electricity by grounding all departments with conductive materials, or add conductive fibers when manufacturing filters.
⑶Prevent dust accumulation or bedding, and avoid dust explosion and spontaneous combustion.
⑷ Before entering the bag room or pipeline inspection or inspection, personnel must be ventilated to prevent CO poisoning.


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