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Filter Cartridge Operation Considerations


Latest company news about Filter Cartridge Operation Considerations

In recent years, dust removal filter cartridges have become more and more common in industrial enterprises due to their small size, high efficiency, low investment, and easy maintenance.
The following is the operation content of daily maintenance of dust removal filter cartridge.


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  1. The filter element is a precision element , but when the liquid contains more solid particles , separation measures should be taken to remove most of the solid particles , in order to avoid premature clogging of the filter was not working properly .
  2. Filter non- pressure parts , only to withstand pressure .
  3. The filter in normal operation , a certain amount of separation (such as solid impurities , etc. ) are separated out , thus periodically discharged , such as long-term discharge , the filter will lose the filtering effect .

The dust removal filter cartridge is a star-shaped filter cartridge made of relatively long and stiff filter materials folded into pleats and bonded end to end. This equipment is environmentally friendly equipment. It can complete many tasks and help people purify the air.

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