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Filter bag house Maintenance Management


Latest company news about Filter bag house Maintenance Management

The operation, maintenance and management of bag dust collectors are of great significance to ensure the stable operation of the dust collector and achieve the expected dust removal effect.


In order to ensure the long-term stable operation of the bag dust collector in its system, the dust collector must pay attention to the following matters:

  • Before purchasing a bag dust collector, you must fully study the technical information about the dust collector based on the production process conditions, consider whether it can meet strict environmental protection requirements and the operating costs of about five years, and make a technical and economic comparison based on comprehensive factors, so as to Determine the specifications and performance of equipment and select the best and eliminate the worst;
  • Operate strictly in accordance with the requirements of the drawings and technical instructions provided by the manufacturer, and operating conditions should not be changed at will without sufficient basis and reasons to prevent failures caused by changes in harmful operating conditions;
  • Understand and master the technical requirements and operating points of the bag dust collector and each part of the dust removal system, pay attention to the rationality of the matching of each part, and try to avoid the situation where one is too big and the other is too small;
  • Always pay attention to the working condition of the filter bag. If any abnormality is found, analyze the cause and deal with it in time;
  • Always pay attention to and record the temperature, humidity and pressure of the gas entering the bag dust collector, so that the dust collector can operate under the specified parameters and avoid operating below the gas dew point temperature;
  • Maintenance and management must be carried out according to maintenance points.

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