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Extending the filter bag accessories life


Latest company news about Extending the filter bag accessories life

Dust removal filter bag is an important component used in dust removal equipment. Its function is to capture and filter out particulate matter in the air to ensure the cleanliness of the working environment and compliance with external emission testing standards.


There are following measures on how to extend the life of filter bag accessories:

The filter bag is clogged

The dust bag is an important accessory. When clogged, the resistance increases and the reading on the differential pressure gauge increases. Blockage of the filter bag is the main cause of filter bag wear, perforation, and shedding.


Need to solve:

  • emporarily strengthen dust cleaning to eliminate filter bag clogging;
  • Replace some or all filter bags;
  • Adjust installation and operating conditions.


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The bag is damaged

The installation method and structure of the bag dust collector bag and the shape and position of the filter bag determine that the filter bag is easily damaged and can therefore be inspected and repaired.


Bag aging

Mainly due to the following reasons, the cause should be investigated, measures should be taken to eliminate and replace the filter bag. Common causes:

  • Abnormal shrinkage due to high temperature curing;
  • Reaction with acid, alkali or organic solvent vapor;
  • Reaction with moisture.


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The filter cloth should not be hung too loosely or too tightly.

If it is too loose, it will easily accumulate dust, and if it is too tight, it will easily break.

It is not advisable to mix old and new bags to avoid damage and affecting normal use.


Dust cleaning treatment of filter bags​

Put down the replaced filter bag, blow it clean with compressed air first, and then check whether there are any holes.
becauseThe dust paste is charged, please rinse it with water and dry it before replacing it.

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