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Dust filter bag high temperature filter fiber material


Latest company news about Dust filter bag high temperature filter fiber material

HEADING FILTER five mainstream high temperature resistant dust bag

1. PPS (coated) filter bag, PPS/PTFE (coated) blended filter bag

Chemical name: polyphenylene sulfide.

Material introduction: The operating temperature is 130-170°C, the general continuous use temperature is below 160°C, and the short-term operating temperature is 190°C. It has excellent acid and alkali resistance and good wear resistance. Oxygen resistance is poor.


2. PTFE (coated) filter bag

Chemical Name: Polytetrafluoroethylene

Material introduction: Excellent temperature resistance, up to 260 degrees. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, hydrolysis resistance, non-stick, self-lubricating, excellent dielectric properties, very low coefficient of friction.


3. P84 filter bag

Chemical name: Polyimide

Material introduction: It has excellent resistance to sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides, and has good alkali resistance. It is more suitable for use in places with acid and alkali corrosion. According to the environment, P84 can even be used in places where the temperature is higher than 260 degrees. Condition.


4. Glass fiber filter bag

Chemical name: glass fiber

Material introduction: The currently commonly used glass fiber is alkali-free glass, which is a kind of borosilicate glass. It is colorless in itself, but there will be slight differences in color due to different treatment agents. The fiber has high strength, low elongation at break, and low heat shrinkage, so it has good dimensional stability, but the fiber is not resistant to folding and wear, so it is not suitable for high dust concentration or high filtration wind speed.


5. NOMEX filter bag (aramid fiber)

Chemical Name: Aramid Synthetic Fiber

Material introduction: It can withstand the temperature below 200 under dry conditions. Hydrolysis occurs in the presence of moisture and chemicals.

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