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Dust bag suitable for ceramic manufacturing plants


Latest company news about Dust bag suitable for ceramic manufacturing plants

Ceramic manufacturing factories generally use dust-removing bags for dust removal in spray drying towers. Generally, the following types of dust-removing filter bags can be selected according to the temperature of the working conditions:


1. Normal temperature dust bag

Polyester needle felt: suitable for steel plants, cement plants, coal mines and other industries
Three-proof polyester needle felt: suitable for blast furnace coal powder injection in iron and steel plants, cement plants, coal handling systems in power plants, etc.
Polyester anti-static: suitable for coal mill dust collection systems in flour mills, chemical plants, coal mines, and cement plants
Water and oil repellent: suitable for cement plants, chemical plants, flour mills, woodworking furniture factories, etc.

2. Medium temperature dust bag

Acrylic needle felt: suitable for waste incineration, asphalt, spray dryer, coal mill, power plant, etc.
Fangster Needle-punched Felt: Applicable to the head and tail of rotary pits in cement plants, asphalt mixing, blast furnace gas, foundries, etc.
PTFE needle felt: suitable for complex working conditions such as chemical industry, waste incineration, high temperature resistant liquid filtration, etc.
PPS needle felt: suitable for filtering coal-fired boilers, garbage incinerators, dust collection treatment of fly ash in power plants, etc.


3. High temperature dust bag

P84 needle felt: suitable for coal-fired boilers, liquid bed boilers, waste incineration, asphalt plants, cement plants, waste incinerators, etc.
Flumes: suitable for steel, smelting, ferroalloy, chemical industry, cement, calcium carbide, waste incineration, electric power, asphalt mixing, etc.
Metas: suitable for asphalt, cement, steel, non-ferrous metals, lime, dust, metallurgy, plastics, carbon black, coke, tobacco and other industries
Glass fiber needle felt: suitable for high-temperature flue gas industries such as steel, metallurgy, carbon black, power generation, cement, and chemical industry.


When we purchase dust-removing cloth bags, we must fully understand the characteristics, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the cloth bags on the one hand, and then make choices based on our own industry working conditions.
Especially for example, if you have used the dust filter bag before, see if there are any deficiencies. When you buy a new dust filter bag, you need to add the original function.
When we choose cloth bags for the factory, we need to understand the working conditions in the factory, such as the temperature, humidity, dust content, dust particle size, hygroscopicity, deliquescence, abrasiveness, whether there is acid and alkali, suitable What kind of temperature, corrosiveness, etc. are comprehensively judged.

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