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Common problems in filter bag operation


Latest company news about Common problems in filter bag operation

The filter bag is the execution component of the bag dust collector. The entire dust removal system is a steel structure. Only the filter bag is made of non-woven fabric. The temperature and chemical composition of the flue gas entering the dust collector, as well as the collision and wear of the components in contact with the filter bag have a great impact on the dust removal system. They all have fatal effects.


1,Particulate matter emissions exceed standards


Factors causing excessive emissions generally include the following aspects: the filter bag mouth and flower board are not installed in place, the filter bag is damaged, the valve is not closed tightly, the equipment is open and welded, excessive dust cleaning, etc.


Common factors that cause filter bag damage include: mechanical damage (wear), aerodynamic damage (scouring), chemical damage (acid corrosion, alkaline corrosion, oxidation, hydrolysis, etc.), thermal damage (extremely high temperature, low temperature condensation), etc. .


2,High operating resistance of dust collector

Factors causing high operating resistance generally include the following aspects: condensation on the filter bag, failure of some pulse valves or lift valves, too high material level in the ash hopper, unopened valves, excessive filtration wind speed, too long cleaning cycle, etc. The ash injection pressure is too low, the filter bag is not breathable, etc.



It can be seen that the filter bag needs to be protected during operation. Only when all components of the dust removal system are working properly, the filter bag can fully exert its ability to efficiently capture dust, thereby achieving ultra-low emissions of particulate matter and protecting the environment. Contribute to the blue sky of the motherland.


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