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Common materials for industrial filter bags


Latest company news about Common materials for industrial filter bags

1. PTFE. PTFE filter bags are made of polytetrafluoroethylene filter material. Polytetrafluoroethylene is a neutral polymer compound with a unique molecular structure, that is, a completely symmetrical structure.

The special structure makes it have good thermal stability, chemical stability, insulation, lubricity, water resistance, etc.
High temperature resistance, wide operating temperature range, can be used continuously for a long time at 260℃ (high temperature, instantaneous temperature can reach 280℃); strong chemical stability, corrosion resistance; good self-lubricating, extremely low friction coefficient, little filter wear; PTFE The surface tension of the film is very low, and it has good non-stickiness and water repellency.


2. Polyester---PE filter bags are made of polyester fiber fabric. Polyester fiber has good performance at room temperature and is the main filter material in bag filters.
It can withstand operating temperatures of 130°C under dry conditions; continuous operation above 130°C will harden, fade, and become brittle, and temperature will also weaken its strength. Accuracy range: 1--300 microns.


3. Nylon---Nylon filter bags are made of nylon mesh fabric. Nylon mesh is also called nylon mesh, nylon mesh, and nylon mesh. It is made of chemical synthetic fiber and belongs to the polyamide system.
The nylon mesh used in the filter bag has high strength, good wear resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance, and elasticity. Because the wire diameter is uniform and the surface is smooth, the ink can pass through it very well. The disadvantage is that nylon mesh has greater stretchability. The tension of this kind of screen decreases for a period of time after stretching, causing the screen printing plate to relax and reduce accuracy.
Therefore, it is not suitable for printing circuit boards that require high dimensional accuracy.


4. Polypropylene---PP filter bags are made of polypropylene fiber fabric. Polypropylene has good wear resistance and high elastic recovery rate. It is an excellent thermoplastic fiber. Polypropylene felt is used for low-temperature pulse in smelting plants. Filter bags and pulse filter bags in chemical and pharmaceutical plants. Polypropylene accuracy range: 0.1--500 microns, maximum temperature 94 degrees.

5. Stainless steel metal mesh---metal filter bag surface filtration, with very low flow resistance. The weaving methods used for filter materials include: interwoven type, twill type and linen type.
Metal mesh filter bags are suitable for use in oil suction filters in hydraulic and lubrication systems, or for coarse filtration of high-speed fluids, or for safety filtration of coolants.

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