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Common industrial dust removal methods


Latest company news about Common industrial dust removal methods

According to dust removal technology, it is mainly divided into two types: wet dust removal and dry dust removal.

The commonly used methods in industrial dust removal mainly include the following:

1. Wet dust removal
Wet dust removal refers to a dust removal method that uses liquids such as water, engine oil, etc., and uses technical means such as spraying and membrane formation to capture dust and other particles and bring them into the liquid. Through the combination of dust and liquid, the purpose of purification is achieved. Common industrial wet dust removal equipment mainly includes fog cannons, dry fog systems, dual-fluid fog cannons, fog piles, smart car washers, airspace fog curtain systems, etc.

2. Dry dust removal
Dry dust collectors are relative to wet dust collectors, but they are generally not called dry dust collectors. They are often classified according to their working principles, including gravity type, inertial type, centrifugal type, bag type, electrostatic type, etc. , these do not use water as filter media. Generally speaking, the most commonly used dry dust removal methods are bag dust removal and electric dust removal.

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