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Cleaning of dust collector bag


Latest company news about Cleaning of dust collector bag

The main function of the dust collector bag is to capture the fine and dry dust in the flue gas, but in the actual working process, a large amount of dusty flue gas enters the dust collector bag and will settle into the ash hopper due to gravity, while The fine particles of dust and flue gas will be blocked by the bag of the dust collector during the filtration process, thereby purifying the flue gas.


1. The choice of filter material for the dust collector bag, the dust bag should not be sticky and easy to clean.

2. Control the cycle of dust removal: shorten the cycle of dust removal, which is conducive to timely cleaning of lime dust on the surface of the bag and reduces the possibility of adhesion.

3. The bag-type dust collector is equipped with a bypass pipe to avoid the bag dust collector, so that the dusty air can be discharged into the atmosphere through the cyclone dust collector.

4. Sufficient dust cleaning and blowback pressure.

5. Appropriate filtering wind speed.

6. Use filter cloth with lint-free and lint-free surface: use water-repellent, oil-proof and dust-removing bag, surface coating, calendering and other post-processing methods.

7. When it is just installed and put into operation, it is necessary to apply dust to the surface of the dust bag, so that there is an initial layer on the surface.

8. An additional small hot air generator is installed on the dust collector, so as to keep the temperature inside the dust collector as it is and avoid the problem of moisture in the bag of the dust collector.

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