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Choose the right foundry factory dust bag


Latest company news about Choose the right foundry factory dust bag

In the production of precision casting in foundry factories, cutting, polishing, shot blasting, sandblasting and shell making processes will generate a lot of dust.
Dust has many hazards. On the one hand, dust deteriorates the working environment and affects the physical and mental health of operators.
On the other hand, it can also reduce the working efficiency of equipment such as shot blasting machines and affect product quality.


1.Conventional temperature dust: Sand mixers, shot blasting machines, and pouring areas will all produce a lot of dust, but the dust produced by these processes is normal temperature dust, and ordinary normal temperature polyester cloth bags can be used.


2.High-temperature flue gas dust: Intermediate frequency furnace, electric furnace, cupola, no matter what kind of furnace is in production, it will produce a large amount of high-temperature flue gas, and the flue gas contains certain sulfides, and the gas is complex.
For the treatment of this kind of high-temperature flue gas, high-temperature-resistant dust-removing cloth bags should be selected accordingly. Fluomes and PPS are better choices.





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