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Characteristics of P84 dust filter bag


Latest company news about Characteristics of P84 dust filter bag

P84 high temperature resistant dust bag filter material has high dust collection accuracy, which can make the emission concentration meet the national standard or even approach zero emission. It is widely used in large cement kiln tail, fluidized bed boiler, asphalt mixing plant, waste incineration, coal-fired industrial boiler Working conditions such as high temperature environment.

1. Remarkable temperature resistance: as above, the continuous use temperature is 260°C, and there is a safe space to deal with shutdowns and accidents, etc.;

2. Cost saving: low pressure drop reduces cost; filtration efficiency: suitable for strict environmental standards, temperature resistance (up to 260°C/500°F); low failure rate; longer working life; excellent chemical stability (anti- Strong acidity and alkalinity, can be used in PH2-12 occasions); applicable to a wide range;

3. It has good acid and alkali resistance: stronger temperature resistance (260 degrees) enables it to be used in relatively harsh working conditions, and is widely used in waste incineration, thermal power generation, steel, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries;

4. Perfect cleaning effect: since no dust or fine stone chips penetrate into the felt, the pressure drop is the lowest possible;

5. Low backwash pressure and high mud cake removal efficiency;

6. P84-Special cross-section: The trilobal cross-section is the characteristic of P84 high-temperature-resistant dust bag fiber. Compared with other round fibers, because it increases the surface area of ​​the fiber by 80%, it is better than other materials for dust removal. Cloth bag, P84 material dust filter bag has unparalleled filtration efficiency.

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