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Causes of damage to dust filter bags


Latest company news about Causes of damage to dust filter bags

What are the causes of damage to dust removal filter bags?


1. The high-temperature bag is not installed properly:

A. The installation process is confusing. The dust collector frame and dust bag are stored and placed in an arc shape, causing the dust bag or dust collector frame to be deformed due to extrusion molding;
B. High temperature cloth bags are not vertical. This causes long-term friction between the dust bag and the long-term friction between the high-temperature bag and the wall panel, causing the dust bag to be damaged;
C. The inclination of the boiler blowpipe, the standard air pressure of the gas generator furnace is too high or the frequency of the gas generator is too high, which may cause damage to the sealing ring or even separate the bag head and bag body;


latest company news about Causes of damage to dust filter bags  0

2. The machinery and equipment of the dust filter bag manufacturer are not sophisticated:

A. The production and processing process of the dust collector frame is not smooth. If rust, welding, burrs and exposed welding occur, the mechanical equipment of the dust bag will be accelerated.
B. The deformation of the flower board cannot meet the requirement of 2/1000 flatness, and even the unevenness of the dust will cause the flatness of the dust collector frame to be lost, causing the dust bags at the bottom of the chassis to collide with each other. The ductility of the steel ring can also easily cause damage, causing the installation and sealing of high-temperature bags to be lost, and damaging the leakage of steam and dust bags;
C. There is an error in the hole of the flower board. When the flower board also shows an error of 2-3mm, the high-temperature bag cannot be installed in time, which will cause the dust bag to be removed or the dust bag and flower board holes to fall, causing the bag dust removal device to operate.

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