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Basic requirements for industrial filter cloth


Latest company news about Basic requirements for industrial filter cloth

latest company news about Basic requirements for industrial filter cloth  0

Filter cloth is a key component of bag filter. The characteristics of industrial filter cloth are not only related to the properties of the fiber itself (such as temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, mechanical strength), but also related to the form and degree of surface structure (texture, hair). Temperature resistance and resistance to installation tension are the basic requirements of filter cloth.

1. Meet the dust removal efficiency requirements: Generally speaking, the structure of industrial filter cloth should be selected according to the strength of the filter bag. If the cleaning intensity is high, if the compressed air pulse is used to blow back, the ash layer on the filter bag will be blown off, and the dust removal effect series will remain intact. According to the density of the filter cloth, the general requirement is that the filter cloth is small in size and has fluff on the dust collecting surface. The fluff on the surface of the filter bag can increase the surface area of the captured particles. Provide support between the pores to prevent ash from accumulating into the pores, thereby forming a loose layer; when the filter bag is cleaned, it can be used as a bonding structure to retain the dust layer and increase the initial effect string.

2. To meet the requirements of dust removal: the resistance of the filter cloth to keep running is 800-1500pa. In addition to a reasonable choice of dust removal methods, the filter cloth is also required to be easy to remove dust.

3. Meet the requirements of air permeability: the air permeability of the fabric filter cloth is an important filtration performance, and the water absorption rate of the filter cloth has a decisive influence on the air permeability. Natural fibers and organic synthetic fibers have the characteristics of absorbing moisture in dusty gas at room temperature, so that the dust in dusty gas will adhere to, dissolve, accumulate on the filter bag or undergo further chemical changes and gradually lose air permeability, thereby reducing Even lose the filtering effect, so the filter bag must be removed for cleaning or replacement.


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