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Basic characteristics of PPS dust bag


Latest company news about Basic characteristics of PPS dust bag

PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) is a high-quality cellulose material. With its unique molecular structure and mechanical strength, it has become one of the common dust bag materials on the market.

HEADING's PPS dust bag has the following salient features:

1. Excellent temperature resistance: PPS material can maintain stable physical properties and chemical stability in a temperature range of up to 190°C, making it widely used in filtration equipment in various high-temperature industrial environments.

2. Efficient filtration performance: PPS material has excellent chemical inertness and adsorption performance, and can effectively filter a variety of pollutants without the participation of other auxiliary materials, especially smoke, fine dust, High concentration dust such as iron oxide.

3. Good corrosion resistance: PPS material has very good chemical corrosion resistance and can maintain its original physical properties in strong acid and alkaline environments, allowing it to be used stably in harsh industrial environments.

4. Long service life: PPS dust bag can maintain its filtration performance and physical strength for a long time, and its durability and stability greatly improve efficiency and save costs for modern industrial production.

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