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Anti-static needle felt


Latest company news about Anti-static needle felt

We have adopted leading technology in anti-static needle felt to ensure the stability of our products. The main anti-static types include hybrid, cross, square, and line.


Supply Ability: 5000 m2/day
High filtration efficiency: 99.5%
Long service life: >3000 hours
Surface resistance (Ω.cm): 103-108
Anti-static type: mixed type, cross type, line type.


Main material types of anti-static needle felt:
Polyester anti-static needle felt (blend type, interlaced type, linear type).
Aramid antistatic needle felt (blend type, square type, linear type).
Note: There are many kinds of materials for anti-static needle felt. Accept customization. Let us know your requirements.

Features of anti-static needle felt:
Excellent abrasion resistance.
Surface resistance (Ω.cm): 103-108

Our leading technology in anti-static needle felt ensures stability and prolongs the life of the product.

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